Rhode Island Truck Accident Attorneys

Although Rhode Island has a comparatively low truck accident fatality rate compared to the national average, as a percentage of total fatalities, alcohol-related accidents in Rhode Island have exceeded the national average for the past five statistical years. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of large trucking accidents nationally is alcohol-related impairment.

Rhode Island Specific Trucking Regulations

Nicknamed the “Ocean State,” Rhode Island has a complex system of bridges that necessitate meticulous regulation of the trucking industry. The number and weight of a truck, semi-truck, or eighteen-wheeler’s axles determines the availability of certain municipal bridge routes. For example, certain bridges are open only to two-axle vehicles, while others can accommodate up to four-axle vehicles but not five. As navigation around Rhode Island’s waterways can prove difficult for interstate truck drivers, if you have been involved in a truck accident it is important to contact an experienced Rhode Island truck accident attorney to determine whether a truck driver or trucking company complied with all Rhode Island specific regulations.

How Rhode Island Truck Accidents are Caused and can Differ from Traditional Motor Vehicle Crashes

Due to the stressful nature of the trucking industry, which can require long workweeks in difficult traffic conditions, truck driver impairment due to fatigue, illness, and/or intoxication is a leading cause of truck accidents in the United States. One way in which truck accidents can differ from traditional motor vehicle accidents is when a truck driver, due to fatigue, begins to swerve, and upon catching himself, overcompensates his corrective maneuver. When a tractor-trailer overcompensates, however, it can cause the truck to quickly “jackknife” in an unexpected “L” or “V” shape, which may block additional lanes of traffic and cause non-traditional motor vehicle accidents. A jackknifed trailer can cause damage and injury to any cars or motorists in its path.

Protecting your Rights at the Scene of a Truck Accident

If you are involved in a collision with a truck, semi-truck, or eighteen-wheeler, it is important to remain calm and courteous but also protect your rights and identity. If a fellow driver requests your information, provide only the following:

  • Your legal name;
  • Your vehicle’s make, model, year, color, and VIN;
  • The name of your insurance company, insurance adjuster, and policy number, but
  • Do not allow your license or registration to be photographed, and
  • Do not provide your contact information or address to other drivers or witnesses. Provide only the contact information for your insurance carrier.

Why You Should Consult an Experienced Rhode Island Truck Accident Lawyer

As the victim of a truck accident, do not let your legal remedies be overlooked by an attorney who does not understand Rhode Island’s complex commercial vehicle regulations. In addition to stringent federal insurance and workweek requirements, there are a plethora of federal, state, and local laws applicable to your truck accident case. These cases can involve extensive investigation and evidence, so having an experienced truck accident lawyer is essential. Contact a Rhode Island truck accident attorney to discuss your Ocean State claims.


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Truck accident cases can be substantially more complicated and can require significantly more resources than other types of motor vehicle accident or personal injury cases. You always want to make sure that any attorney you hire has successfully handled cases that specifically involve large commercial trucks and the trucking industry. Your attorney should have a thorough understanding of trucking industry standards, FMCSA regulations, and truck accident reconstruction methods. At USTA, we focus specifically on truck accident cases and you can rest assured that we have the experience needed to successfully handle your case.




With their legal teams and insurance companies, trucking companies are known for fighting against liability whenever possible. They will often try to strong-arm injured individuals into accepting inadequate settlements by intimidating them with the idea of trial and the resources involved in litigation. Unfortunately, too many attorneys recommend settling cases too early in the process to avoid any further litigation. You need an attorney on your side who is not intimidated by trucking companies and who has the resources and willingness to take your case as far as necessary to obtain the full settlement or award you deserve. The attorneys at USTA will not back down and will do what is needed to fully protect your rights as a truck accident victim.




n order to best know if an attorney is the right one for you, you should meet with them in person or schedule a phone consultation. A positive attorney-client relationship is critical in a successful truck accident case so you should always ensure that you get a good feeling from an attorney before you decide to hire them. You want to stay apprised of new developments in your case and ensure your attorney is not too busy to address your questions or concerns as they arise. At USTA, we provide personalized and committed representation and invite anyone who believes they may have a truck accident claim to call and schedule a free consultation today.