New York Truck Accident Attorneys

Every year, nearly 100,000 people are injured or killed in crashes involving large trucks. In New York alone, nearly 3,800 people are injured or killed annually as a result of large truck accidents. This represents nearly 4% of the national average. With New York’s diverse mountainous, urban, and island terrain, its commercial vehicle regulations are complex and easily overlooked by interstate truck drivers.

New York’s Commercial Vehicle Regulations and Exceptions

New York State has generally adopted federal trucking safety and hazardous materials regulations; however, there are specific exceptions to these regulations applicable only to trucks traveling within New York. Due to New York’s upstate farmlands, certain farm and dairy owned vehicles are excepted from individual regulatory provisions. Further, New York’s infrastructure necessitates an abundance of utility vehicle services, which is why New York has abolished the service hours limitations for utility service trucks.

Common New York Truck Accidents

Unlike traditional motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents differ in that certain eighteen-wheelers, large trucks, and semi-trucks have large rear, right, and left “blind spots,” which makes lane changing difficult. New York roads, especially bridge and toll roads, can require sudden merges and lane changes, and if a truck driver is inattentive, your sedan might find itself unexpectedly sideswiped by a truck that is unaware of your location. This may push your vehicle into oncoming New York traffic, causing serious, if not fatal, injuries.

Leading Causes of New York State Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in New York are primarily caused by “human factors,” which include the following major contributory grounds:

  • Driver inattention or distraction;
  • Failure to yield the right of way;
  • Following too closely;
  • Improper lane usage or passing;
  • Unsafe lane changing, and
  • Unsafe speeds.

In fact, of all tractor-trailer crash factors analyzed by New York State, the leading cause of New York truck accidents is driver inattention, an almost completely preventable occurrence.

Checklist for After Truck Accidents in New York State

Due to extensive New York traffic conditions in bridge, tunnel, and island areas, truck accidents due to improper lane changing and following too closely are common occurrences. If you are near a bridge or tunnel when the accident occurs, be sure to take the following steps to protect your safety:

  • Remain in your vehicle and keep your doors locked if you are uninjured;
  • If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to a shoulder or as far out of the way of traffic conditions as possible;
  • Call 911 and/or the local traffic authority immediately, especially if you are on a bridge or in a tunnel;
  • Give out only your name, vehicle details, and insurance information; do not provide anyone with your personal contact information or allow photographs of your license, and
  • Cooperate with the police and emergency authorities, but do not admit fault.

Why Hire a NY Truck Accident Attorney

With New York State’s diverse terrain and complex exceptions to federal commercial vehicle regulations, if you have been involved in a truck accident be sure to contact an experienced New York truck accident lawyer or law firm. Truck accident causation and New York driver regulations, especially those applicable on certain toll roads, differ from the laws applicable to non-truck related accidents. Accordingly, if you do not contact a truck accident attorney, you may be sacrificing essential elements of your case.


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Truck accident cases can be substantially more complicated and can require significantly more resources than other types of motor vehicle accident or personal injury cases. You always want to make sure that any attorney you hire has successfully handled cases that specifically involve large commercial trucks and the trucking industry. Your attorney should have a thorough understanding of trucking industry standards, FMCSA regulations, and truck accident reconstruction methods. At USTA, we focus specifically on truck accident cases and you can rest assured that we have the experience needed to successfully handle your case.




With their legal teams and insurance companies, trucking companies are known for fighting against liability whenever possible. They will often try to strong-arm injured individuals into accepting inadequate settlements by intimidating them with the idea of trial and the resources involved in litigation. Unfortunately, too many attorneys recommend settling cases too early in the process to avoid any further litigation. You need an attorney on your side who is not intimidated by trucking companies and who has the resources and willingness to take your case as far as necessary to obtain the full settlement or award you deserve. The attorneys at USTA will not back down and will do what is needed to fully protect your rights as a truck accident victim.




n order to best know if an attorney is the right one for you, you should meet with them in person or schedule a phone consultation. A positive attorney-client relationship is critical in a successful truck accident case so you should always ensure that you get a good feeling from an attorney before you decide to hire them. You want to stay apprised of new developments in your case and ensure your attorney is not too busy to address your questions or concerns as they arise. At USTA, we provide personalized and committed representation and invite anyone who believes they may have a truck accident claim to call and schedule a free consultation today.