Missouri Truck Accident Attorneys

Missouri, a state at the crossroads of America, sees a significant number of 18-wheelers criss-cross its roads each day. These trucks are either carrying products from one Missouri location to another or are crossing the state to reach another destination. As semi-trucks travel throughout Missouri, it is imperative that drivers follow those rules and regulations designed to keep Missouri roads safe.

Missouri Specific Trucking Laws

The Missouri Department of Transportation (“MoDOT”) oversees Missouri’s enforcement of state and federal laws regarding motor carrier and commercial transportation. MoDOT ensures that trucks, especially those traveling intrastate, follow the laws and regulations set forth by the State of Missouri. Both the Missouri legislature and MoDOT agree that the focus of these laws is to maintain safer roadways through conditions imposed upon those driving trucks within Missouri’s borders. Missouri’s laws place strict restrictions on aspects such as cargo weight and truck maintenance. Of course, all truck drivers must also follow federal trucking guidelines and Missouri traffic laws. A violation of any of those laws is a violation of law.

Intrastate drivers are regulated by MoDOT. The laws and policies require that drivers pass special schooling prior to being able to drive commercial vehicles. Moreover, the state mandates that individuals follow specific requirements with regards to one’s health — this includes vision, diabetes, and screening for certain disabilities.

Types of Truck Accidents

Recent figures from the Federal Highway Transportation Safety Administration (FHTSA) show an increase in the number of accidents involving large trucks such as semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. Despite the increase in the number of accidents, the number of fatalities decreased during that same time period.

Truck accidents do not always need to cause death or serious injury, but the difference in size can make that outcome potentially more likely. Accidents can result in not only physical injury but also damage an individual’s finances whenever they occur. Some of the common types of accidents include:

  • Jackknife: A truck driver can slam on his or her brakes and cause the trailer to skid outward in a direction different from the cabin.
  • Underride: If a vehicle following behind a truck does not have a reasonable opportunity to stop, it runs the risk of colliding with the truck and even being wedged under the trailer. This can lead to serious injury or death.
  • Rollover: A truck driver who loses control of his or her truck runs the risk of the truck rolling over. Here, the sheer size and weight of the truck can result in the trailer being turned and rolled onto its side. This can cause trucks to slam into other vehicles or objects as well as provide little to no time for other moving vehicles to stop before a collision.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can often be avoided. When they do occur, it may be the result of the truck driver’s negligence. Truck accidents are commonly caused by the following:

  • Driver fatigue caused from long, continuous driving or blatant violation of maximum driving laws
  • Driver inattention to traffic or nearby hazards
  • Speeding or failing to obey basic traffic laws
  • Use of alcohol or drugs

Truck Accident Checklist

If you are involved in a trucking-related accident, you should be sure to do the following things:

  • Obtain immediate medical attention if necessary.
  • Call the police or highway patrol.
  • Collect evidence including names, driving license numbers, and insurance numbers of the parties involved in the collision.
  • Take photographs of the accident.
  • Obtain a copy of the official accident report.
  • Never admit fault.
  • Retain an attorney.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a truck accident, hiring a truck accident attorney is a smart decision.
Truck accident attorneys have a specialized focus in this area of law and their experience is invaluable. Victims need to be assured that their attorney will be able to review their case and identify those facts instrumental to developing and implementing the strongest legal strategy for recovery. Whenever you are seeking to recover damages for your injuries–damages that you depend on–do not leave it to a general automobile accident attorney; receive the focused experience you deserve and hire a truck accident attorney today.


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Truck accident cases can be substantially more complicated and can require significantly more resources than other types of motor vehicle accident or personal injury cases. You always want to make sure that any attorney you hire has successfully handled cases that specifically involve large commercial trucks and the trucking industry. Your attorney should have a thorough understanding of trucking industry standards, FMCSA regulations, and truck accident reconstruction methods. At USTA, we focus specifically on truck accident cases and you can rest assured that we have the experience needed to successfully handle your case.




With their legal teams and insurance companies, trucking companies are known for fighting against liability whenever possible. They will often try to strong-arm injured individuals into accepting inadequate settlements by intimidating them with the idea of trial and the resources involved in litigation. Unfortunately, too many attorneys recommend settling cases too early in the process to avoid any further litigation. You need an attorney on your side who is not intimidated by trucking companies and who has the resources and willingness to take your case as far as necessary to obtain the full settlement or award you deserve. The attorneys at USTA will not back down and will do what is needed to fully protect your rights as a truck accident victim.




n order to best know if an attorney is the right one for you, you should meet with them in person or schedule a phone consultation. A positive attorney-client relationship is critical in a successful truck accident case so you should always ensure that you get a good feeling from an attorney before you decide to hire them. You want to stay apprised of new developments in your case and ensure your attorney is not too busy to address your questions or concerns as they arise. At USTA, we provide personalized and committed representation and invite anyone who believes they may have a truck accident claim to call and schedule a free consultation today.